Blueberry Quartz, Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Silver Necklace

Summer days are long and luxurious, tempting us to linger over one last moment in the sun or sip one more cold drink in the shade of a leafy tree.  Summer implores us to take a moment to smell the roses and the salty air and the sun beating down on good, black soil - where blueberries grow fat and delectable and wild alongside my garden.  I am in love with summer and all that comes with it (minus, of course, the biting critters.)  And given the chance to celebrate this love affair in my jewelry, I turn to blue stones and silver.  This long, easily doubled, blueberry quartz, blue lace agate and sterling silver necklace has a calm feel to it that may remind you of still waters in moonlight.  As I have two ponds on my property, I have spent many a summer night, standing on my deck looking out at the moonlight caressing the ponds.  And the next day, a piece of jewelry that echoes the nature of Nature, appears.  Enjoy the earthy elegance of this one of a kind design - I certainly enjoyed the inspiration that led up to its creation!   Length: 47"

Collections: Necklaces

Type: Necklace

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