Quartz & Silver Pendant Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


Strawberry quartz, just about as joyful as stones get to be!  Colors swirl inside each stone, orange and gold and brown and beige and streaks of black in a frenzy of color and energy.  Raw cut, highly polished, these large and smaller stones are paired with the elegance of intricate, sterling silver beads.  The result is a glamorous celebration of diversity and a tribute, to how different elements can come together to create a harmonious whole.  Elegant, earthy, versatile, vivacious - this wonderfully unique pendant can be worn on the silver chain it comes with or, on a leather or silk cord or, on a shorter or longer silver chain.  The colors will blend with whatever you pair them with and the sheer joy of this necklace will energize your wardrobe! Length: 12"

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