Turquoise, Moonstone & Sterling Silver Necklace

I am a lover of turquoise - if you follow my designs this will not come as a surprise to you.  I love that it feels, to me, both warm and cool - that it often picks up the heat of your body in a comforting, connective sort of way.  I love that it often seems dressed in a dozen other colors inside its outer "shell."  Inclusions, striations, bits and pieces of time embedded deep within the surface of the stone brings a sense of drama and artfulness to each and every turquoise gemstone.  And moonstone - beautiful, mysterious moonstone - touched by light and infused with magic - adds another wonderful dimension of color, size and texture to this turquoise, moonstone and sterling silver necklace.  But, as they say, "it's not where you start, it's where you finish" that makes all the difference and in this one of a kind necklace, I finish my piece with flare and finality.  A stunning, intricately sculpted, large sterling silver toggle with a graceful, flowing bar ends this necklace with an exclamation point!  The closure is beautiful enough to wear on the side (and I recommend that) or, in front - or, pull up your hair so it can be seen from the back - but make sure it is visible, it is that stunning.  And did you know, that it is thought, giving turquoise as a gift brings good luck to both the giver and receiver.  Beauty and good luck - a winning combination - and a perfect necklace to wear this summer and all year long!  18"

Collections: Chakra Stones, Necklaces, Turquoise

Category: Moonstone, Turquoise

Type: Necklace

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