Citrine & Sterling Silver Earrings

EarthWhorls, LLC


What I particularly love about citrine is the fact that these stones seem to have been formed with swirls of light shimmering inside of them.  You can see right into the stone, as though looking into a crystal ball and what you see, is the very soul of Nature.  Each of these rounded, oval shaped gemstones has a gorgeous, sterling silver bead separating them from another similarly shaped and sized, citrine stone.  The overall look of these citrine and sterling silver earrings might be described as striking.  For me, they are a reflection of my passion for natural elements - for Nature's artistry - for the beauty of simple things.  Wear them as elegant fashion statements or wear them with jeans - they are meant to come out into the light and shine, shine, shine!  Length: 3"

Collections: Chakra Stones, Previous Collections

Category: Citrine

Type: Earrings

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