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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Fresh Water Pearl & Sterling Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


In nature, as in life, it is fun to expect the unexpected.  The unexpected is what inspired this Sleeping Beauty turquoise, fresh water pearl and sterling silver necklace.  The elements, at first, didn't seem to be all that compatible and so, I did what I always do - I spread them out on my work bench and waited for them to "talk" to me.  I will admit, it took a while - but then, one day, there it was - this combination of colors and textures and shapes and silver that would become, for me, a new look in pearl and turquoise designs.  I love pushing the envelope a bit - seeing if two vastly different elements can come together to make a perfect whole.  It happens in nature all the time - why not on my jewelry bench.  And so, these very lovely, becoming rare, Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones embrace copper pearls and fit perfectly into a circle of sterling silver.  There is drama here but even more, there is beauty here - the beauty of diversity of two powerful elements harmoniously coming together - not competing but, complimenting one another.  And the silver - well that adds long, luscious length and that touch of sparkle that makes every piece of EarthWhorls jewelry, something special!  Summer is here - and this is the necklace that will bring summer fashion to new levels of fun and fabulous!  Length: 48"

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