Hawaiian Shell, Sunstone & Sterling Silver Bracelet

EarthWhorls, LLC


Once there, after waiting a lifetime to visit, I had to find elements to capture in jewelry designs the beauty and passion that is Hawaii.  This Hawaiian shell, sunstone & sterling silver bracelet commemorates the quiet, essential beauty that radiates from every beach, every mountain, every flower, every dawn, every dusk in this most beautiful place.  And Hawaii is, of course, all about beaches: "A beach is not only a sweep of sand, but shells of sea creatures... washed up by the ocean."  The shells in this bracelet are wonderfully substantial and twirl in a graceful flow in and around themselves.  Separated by the intense beauty of round sunstone and finished with a sterling silver loop chain that is adjustable, the shells are the star of this show - reminding us of the life and energy all around us.  Fashion wears many faces, none more beautiful, or Nature connected, than this Hawaiian bracelet - waiting just for you!  Length: (to) 9"

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Category: Hawaiian shells, Sunstone

Type: Bracelet

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