Handmade Glass, Gemstone & Silver Necklace

Fairy tales do come true and, they CAN happen to you as this extraordinary necklace attests.  An intricately designed, glass heart with 14K gold inclusions, hangs like a beacon at the front of a chain of tiny lapis and larger, oval shaped, labradorite beads, creating a homage to the elegance of fashion and the exquisite beauty of nature.  Blue lapis stones blend with pink/grey tinged, larger labradorite stones and at the apex, the amazing presentation of handmade art, a heart shaped sterling silver confection, dangling from a single, sterling silver loop.  And echoing the shape of the heart in the glass is a sterling silver, dominant, large toggle with a swirled, sterling silver bar.  Perfect symmetry and the joy of harmony lead to a piece of jewelry that is not only one of a kind, but unforgettable as well.  Wear this because this piece, is what jewelry is all about;  fashion, artistry, styling, design and, the pure joy that only a thing of beauty can impart.  Length: 11"

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