Agate & Sterling Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


The colors are subdued in this agate & sterling silver necklace.  The background hue of each stone is pale pink but, each stone also contains its own landscape of deeper, darker colors and the overall effect is one of discovery and delight.  In nature, beauty often hides in crevices, deep in dark woods or, under the sea.  Often, to find real beauty, one needs to look hard - seek deep - and linger over the scene taking it all in, letting it settle into your mind's eye.  With lovely, substantial stones interspersed with silver link chain, creating a very fluid look, this necklace can easily be worn with just about any color outfit, for any occasion and it will hold its own in both beauty and fashion.  How perfectly delightful to have a "go to" necklace in your jewelry box, one that compliments you and your sense of style.  Length: 16 1/2"


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