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Pearl, Quartz & Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


This long, continuous flow of fresh water pearls, cherry quartz and sterling silver chain and beads, is a fantasy of light and grace.  From luminescent gray pearls of irregular shapes to white and pink pearls interspersed between the cherry quartz, this natural stone and pearl necklace is a melody that is both haunting and intriguing.  Wonderfully in fashion in both length and design, there is still, something charmingly unique about this one of a kind design.  Perhaps it is the way natural elements flow together in a way that echoes natural landscapes.  Perhaps it is the marvelous, unexpected joining of shapes and textures.  Or perhaps it is simply, that natural elements are beautiful and when you put them together in surprising combinations, they become even more beautiful!  Length: 27 1/2"

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