Amethyst & Pearl Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


There are times when only something very special will fit the occasion.  This striking necklace of small, deeply purple, amethyst stones and larger, white/gray, fresh water pearls is just about as special as jewelry gets to be.  I once traveled to Salzburg, Austria at the beginning of spring.  The day we arrived there was a chill in the air but, small purple and white flowers were in bloom and the scene was like something out of a childhood fairy tale.  When we woke the next morning, a light snow had fallen in the night and the flowers were huddled under a white, lace shawl.  This necklace is a memory, created in gemstone, pearl and sterling silver, capturing the morning when flowers wore mantels of snow.  Long, easily doubled, dramatic, fashionable and oh, so beautiful, this one of a kind necklace will help you create memories of your very own.  Length: 31"

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