Handmade Glass, Onyx & Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


As a child I loved to finger paint.  I'd dip my fingers in the paint and swirl them around grandly on the canvas.  I loved bright colors but liked to alternate them with softer tones.  Pinks and purples and white and blues and beige would blend together before my eyes, creating magical swirls of light and joy.  This beautiful, hand made, round glass bead cupped in sterling silver, reminds me of the joy and freedom of my childhood designs.  There is a sense of shifting light as colors blend one into the other.  There is a sense of movement and intensity and extraordinary beauty.  To highlight the glory of this single bead, I strung it on a chain of blacker than black, onyx with just the occasional touch of sterling silver.  A simple but elegant, sterling silver, round, textured toggle, completes the piece with a wondrous finality.  A most unique design for the most discerning eye - this one of a kind necklace was made for someone who understands that beauty is a state of being while fashion, is a state of mind.  Wrap your mind around this exquisite design!  Length: 19 1/4"

Collections: Handmade Glass, Previous Collections

Category: Glass, Onyx

Type: Necklace

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