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Quartz & Sterling Flexible Bracelet

EarthWhorls, LLC


The day dawns slowly, sun creeping up over the hills, peeking through wisps of clouds that have settled like fairy dust on the horizon.  Slowly the sky turns to shades of orange, glowing with intensity and inner flames.  These amazing, speckled quartz stones seem to be crystallized droplets of sun with all its startling burnt orange brilliance and some, more modest stones, seem to be hiding behind the soft sheen of creamy clouds.  A touch of silver here and there to add sparkle and you have this spectacular, flexible bracelet that will play well with everything in your wardrobe - brightening up winter days with their blacks and grays and, competing with sunlight for your attention on those long, soft, summer afternoons.  Add a little heat to your fashion statement and, a ton of beauty, by making this one of a kind, handmade bracelet the one showing off, on your arm!  Length: Flexible (fits most)

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