Laguna Lace Agate & Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


Just when you think you've seen everything that Nature can produce, along comes Laguna Lace Agate!  Amazing stones that seem to be too perfectly artistic to have just formed in the studio of nature over centuries and yet, born out of heat and cold - time and turmoil, these remarkable stones are beyond beautiful.  I used them in a polished but irregular, raw stone shape and paired them with only the tiniest of silver beads as separators.  I ended the design with sterling silver beads leading to an impressive, round, large, hammered sterling silver toggle with a "wave" shaped bar.  I invite you to take a close look and investigate the mystery of each marvelous stone - each story that it tells and then picture this as the centerpiece of your jewelry wardrobe.  You will definitely not have to worry about running in to this necklace anywhere else because, Nature gifted us with stones that are as unique as fingerprints and as beautiful as the timeless energy of the natural world.  Length:  18 1/2"

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