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Handmade Glass & Silver Lariat Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


Somewhere, off in the distance, the sun is setting and colors are shifting and melting into one another in a pool of light.  This marvelous, handmade glass bead, the featured piece on the end of one arm of the lariat, is beyond beautiful.  Purples and blues and creams and pinks and colors that are simply a blend of other colors, shimmer inside this single, reflective bead.  The bead itself is embraced in bands of silver and has a single, textured, sterling silver bead on top and bottom as though the world within the bead was suspended in moonlight.  On the other end of the lariat, a flurry of silver beads of different sizes and shapes and textures and lengths, dangle and dance with every move you make.  Wear this lariat looped or tied or flung over one shoulder or back to front or...  You will need a little extra time when you put this on, deciding exactly how you want to wear it at any give moment and, with any particular outfit.  No matter what you decide, this necklace will be the star player on your fashion team!  Length: 36"

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