Pearl & Silver Charm Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


Are you a lover of pearls?  Do you find them elegant, romantic, beautiful, mysterious and a bit magical?  I do!  Each pearl to me is a mini miracle, formed slowly over time, emerging into the light of day with an endless variety of textures and shapes and forms.  These exquisite pearls, ranging in colors from copper to gray to white, are individually beautiful but, when they come together in the form of charms on a sterling silver chain, they become a sea of motion and beauty and yes, magic!  Twelve pearls, each one unique, dangle gracefully from a wide looped, sterling silver chain.  Each pearl has a small, sterling silver bead at the bottom, creating an additional individuality to the charms.  And charming would be a great way to describe this very current, very old fashioned, very elegant, very joyful pearl and sterling silver necklace.  It hangs so perfectly and the charms will move with you, catching the admiring eye of every passerby.  The design ends with a hexagon shaped, sterling silver, simple toggle with an extra long bar.  Length: 20 3/4"

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