Crazy Lace Agate & Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


I truly believe that there are times when natures surprises Herself with the artistic creations she manages to produce over the eons of time.  These Crazy Lace agate stones from Mexico, have inner landscapes that resemble sunlight bursting into shards of light, deserts stretching out into the distance, swirls of sand moving in circles within each round and polished stone.  Varying sizes of stones and small, sterling silver beads, give the necklace a sense of flow and movement, energy and liveliness that will brighten up any outfit that you wear it with.  A touch of golden summer, a smattering of mysterious light and shadow make this necklace the perfect choice for someone who celebrates, with joy and enthusiasm, her connection to the beauty and power of nature.  Length: 18 1/4"

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