Jasper, Pearl & Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


What makes nature so endlessly beautiful, so mystical, so magical and monumental, is that it is always changing.  From jagged peaks to prairies that stretch on forever, to oceans that meet the horizon, the landscapes come and go like looking into the lens of a kaleidoscope.  This small necklace is a tribute to that versatile and unique sense of erratic beauty that defines the natural world.  Scenic jasper stones, swirled silver beads, the occasional fresh water pearl and squared, sterling silver loop chains, all flow together in ever changing, unsymmetrical patterns and designs.  This necklace is meant to flow around your neck, like a landscape that you are moving through, discovering changing views as you go.  Put the closure and charm in the front, on the side, there is truly no back, no front to this unique and lovely design that echoes the colors of fall but promises to take you through all the seasons with surprising beauty and a unique sense of style.  Length: (to) 20"

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