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Carnelian, Quartz & Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


Words are beautiful things.  Words can take us into dreams and fantasies - inspire and delight us.  But sometimes, words can get in the way of the true beauty of a thing, like this amazing carnelian and quartz stone that nature provided us with as just another one of her marvels.  In the top half of this highly polished stone, a vein of sparkling, clear quartz runs through a deep to lighter colored, honey carnelian gemstone.  The mood that is created is one of wonder, one of awe and one of a sense that there is something, almost magical, about this stone that will bring with it, not only beauty and fashion, but energy and spirit as well.  Both carnelian and clear quartz are chakra healing stones and one suspects, there is, indeed, a double dose of healing energy in this amazing gemstone.  Length: 11 1/2"

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