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Antique Silver Pendant Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


I prowl antique shops looking for old pieces of jewelry, often broken, mostly mixed in with a hundred other pieces of jewelry that have been sold at auction or estate sales.  They were loved once and worn proudly.  They went to parties and dinners and spent holidays on display, highlighting a festive outfit.  They call my name.  They speak to me and so, I bring them home, as I did with this sterling silver pendant, and I clean them up and let their story tell itself to me.  And then, I create a design to highlight them.  This choker necklace, mixed gemstone and sterling silver, offers a lovely look at something from the past created to make fashion waves today and in the future.  Sterling silver beads offer a bit of contrast with the stones and the necklace ends with a very small but lovely, sterling silver toggle.  Everything old is new again... Length 9 1/2"

Collections: Agate, Chakra Stones, Previous Collections

Category: Agate

Type: Necklace

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