Solar Quartz Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


I love shopping for stones.  I can spend endless hours wandering the aisles of one of my suppliers looking at and, admiring stones.  One day, while doing just that, I came across this string of solar quartz gemstones and quite honestly, they took my breath away.  How does nature do it?  How does She create the layers of light and color, sparkle and intensity contained within these amazing stones.  Green lights dance inside the heart of the stones.  Crystal formations sparkle as though they are alive and moving to some secret rhythm and the outer "shell" of the stones is like crystallized snow - white, intensely white.  The elongated stones are separated, in this design, by smaller, oval shaped solar quartz gemstones and Hill Tribe silver beads.  The effect is a bit other worldly, so unusual and so startling are these wondrous stones.  I have finished the design with a sterling silver, magnetic closure that is both beautiful in its simplicity and divinely easy to use - no broken finger nails or struggles to put this stunning necklace on.  You will truly have a one of a kind piece of jewelry to show off whenever the mood for magic touches you!  Length: 9"

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