Amethyst & Peridot FashionEyes Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


I love when I can combine the beauty of natural elements with the functionality of a design that can be both a stunning piece of jewelry and a helpful addition to your wardrobe.  The glorious combination of peridot and amethyst chips, sterling silver loop chains and Hill Tribe silver beads, come together in a splendid celebration of beautiful elements but also, can be used as an eyeglass holder, when the pendant at the front of the necklace is removed.  The elements in this necklace, particularly the silver components, are beyond lovely.  Delicately handcrafted silver adds a touch of true elegance to this design but, when you are at the office, use this piece as a place to store your glasses when not in use - just keep the pendant in your purse.  When you head out to dinner, place the pendant back on the necklace and you have a stylish and fashionable, long and lavish piece of jewelry.  If you are really clever, you will probably figure out another couple of ways you can wear this one of a kind design.  Let me know, when you do!  Length: 19 1/2"

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