Rhodocrosite, Cherry Quartz & Sterling Silver Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


Have you ever been to the desert?  Have you ever looked out over the rise and fall of sand and thought how you could almost feel it shifting and swirling in a kaleidoscope of muted colors - beige and gray, tan and pink, peach and cream? This necklace, for me, is a celebration of that wondrous environment. These rhodocrosite stones seem almost too perfect, too beautiful to have been formed in the casual passage of time - in the chaos of wind and weather.  It would seem as though an artist had carefully planned the intricate designs, the way the colors blend and shift and melt into one another.  But then again, Nature is indeed an artist of unequaled skill!  The larger, oval shaped rhodocrosite stones are separated by the cheerful, blushing pink of cherry quartz.  These smaller, faceted stones add texture and contrast, allowing the design to echo the endless, restless landscapes it was inspired by.  A few, oval shaped, sterling silver links provide a bit of open space between the stones and the look is one of a graceful flow, and mellow, memorable colors.  Length: 30"

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