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Pearl Necklace

EarthWhorls, LLC


It is hard to describe that which is unique and yet, amazingly classic.  It is hard to find words to bring to life the beauty and wonder that it took nature years to create.  These large, fresh water pearls of varied and intricate shapes remind me of storm clouds being whipped by the wind but touched from above, by streaks of sunlight.  The colors of these pearls - soft and sensuous - range from delicate pink to misty gray and smoky white.  Each pearl has its own story to tell and it tells it with drama and elegance and startling clarity.  A few small, darker, almost purple, pearls are interspersed to create a sweeping landscape affect.  Not for every day but,  for every day that calls for something beyond special - something that borders on, the magical!  Length: 21"

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